About Us


FlashCoats is a painting applicator company on board of vessels. In particular we perform high quality painting inside the hulls: engine rooms, motor parts, peaks, bilges and accessories.
FlashCoats was founded in 2007 as the result of previous experience in a small business that gradually evolved into a highly specialised company in the marine industry.

In 10 years the company has focused on enhancing a skill that was considered to be low level by introducing a professional method that concentrate the attention on the particular inside the hulls.



FlashCoats pays maximum attention to quality and details, providing a highly qualified painting service.
All staff are trained in a way to perform all procedures on ships from construction to refit. FlashCoats understands that the preparation is the main concerne to obtain good results.
For this reason it is specialised in preparing thesurfaces properly and they pay careful attention to detail during all phases from preparation to top coat.


Client satisfaction is our main objective. Everything starts from an in-depth study of the work to be carried out, to optimise the time spent on board in order to reduce costs to the minimum.
An efficient method makes it possible to obtain the best results because the work is carried out without compromises: regardless of the budget the quality does not change.
Quality work done on internal parts of the boat helps the crew save energy and resources. Quality as added value.


FlashCoats is continuously looking for new organisational solutions and applications, paying particular attention to the use of systems with low environmental impact.
New processes and innovative technology are used for both applications and equipment in order to optimise working times and reduce atmospheric emissions.



  • highly professional method
  • qualified staff who are constantly updated on new techniques and procedures
  • cost optimisation for clients
  • continuous search for new working techniques
  • systems and products with low environmental impact.

FlashCoats carries out precision work even in difficult to reach areas inside the boat32, evaluating every stage of the working process from preparation to the gloss.

The FlashCoats’ workforce is capable of working on fully assembled motor parts and can work both during construction as well as during refit work.
Spray paint is used in confined spaces to obtain above average final results for increased brilliance and attention to detail.
FlashCoats’ staff work in teams even on multiple locations and with different working techniques.
Furthermore FlashCoats also has a covered workshop of more than 300 m2 to varnish all accessories and parts that can be removed from the boat; this makes it possible to work both on site as well as at its own premises.


The FlashCoats’ workforce is trained constantly so that the staff are qualified to focus on every detail to obtain quality results that satisfy the clients’ need to the full. Experience gained through the years, working aboard yachts and mega yachts ensures that the work teams are able to carry out all work necessary on board both during construction as well as during refit work.